We provide uncommon business, tech and finance-savvy legal counsel.  We truly understand and can relate to our clients, as our Principal Attorney, Aaron Krowne, has literally sat “on the other side of the table”—with a career prior to law ranging from technical roles in the computing field, to small business and online startups, to finance &  investing.  Further, our home-base in the New York, New York area, puts us at the legal, financial, commercial and technical vanguard of today’s world.


Our direct experience in technical fields and with tech-business lends us extra insight and permits greater efficiency in addressing your legal problems.  Whether it is software or digital media licensing or copyright use, trademark-filing or online use conflicts, privacy & data security, tech startups, crowdfunding, patents, fintech, online defamation or SLAPP suits—we simply “get it.”  Where other attorneys’ eyes glaze over, we’re actually more interested and engaged.


Beyond tech, we are well-versed in the small-to-mid-sized business and startup world, and can help businesses get established, scale up, and handle ongoing operations with the aid of our legal guidance.  Our services in this area include contracts, entity formation/alteration, corporate policy and formalities, intellectual property, tax counsel, financing agreements, leases and real estate transactions, shareholder agreements and transactions, deal negotiation, nonprofit advisory, and board member services.


We handle primarily transactional and regulatory matters, with foundational coverage of controversies (both government-administrative and private suits).   Our focus is on commercial deals, preparation (including trademark and other intellectual property registration and licensing), policy, and compliance.  However, we also frequently handle conflicts at the pre-litigation or the early/pre-trial litigation stage, and have a passion for helping clients avoid damages and win settlements—before legal process expenses become significant.

We ally with other law firms and attorneys frequently, which allows us to keep our own operations lightweight and economical, while simultaneously allowing you to benefit from the expertise and skills of our trusted legal colleagues.

We believe superlative privacy and data security practices are not optional, but are instead a core attorney responsibility in this day and age to truly maintain client confidentiality.


Contact us at our mailing address (see page footer, below), by calling (732) 455-9195, emailing us at “inquiries” at, or by using the contact form below (NOTE: initial inquiry information communicated to us is not confidential and does not establish an attorney-client relationship—please do not send us any unrequested sensitive information!)