Outsourced (Fractional) General Counsel Service







Many startups and small-to-medium enterprises believe they have to choose between going without general legal counsel (also called a “GC”), or shouldering a hefty monthly cost burden to hire a lawyer as in-house general counsel (which can easily cost $10,000-20,000/mo, inclusive of benefits!).

Krowne Law shows that this belief is simply a false dilemma with our “outsourced” (or “fractional”) general counsel services.

As your fractional general counsel, we can serve your general legal needs on an ad hoc, contract basis — purely as-needed — with optional, customized package pricing.

Service Price Comparison (Monthly Estimate)
Outsourced/Fractional G.C.1Full-Time Hire2
10 hours20 hours40 hours

1: Based on $300/hr bill-out rate (varies depending on package and needs)

2: Based on $120,000/year salary and 50% overhead.

As a seasoned “virtual enterprise,” Krowne Law is adept at remaining highly-responsive, even in occasional-use scenarios. (Guaranteed response time packages also available).

General legal coverage areas include*:

  • business transactions
  • corporate law
  • securities law
  • employment law
  • licensing/intellectual property law
  • privacy and data security law
  • commercial landlord/tenant law
  • AML and payments law
  • international law
  • blockchain and technology law

We can also coordinate with other outside counsel for litigation or other specialized needs (and often, we can locate such counsel for you through our network of fellow legal practitioners).

Without a general counsel, startups or small-to-medium sized enterprises risk failing to identify legal problems, or take care of certain important areas of compliance, and may allow small legal problems to metastasize into large (and costly) ones down the road.

Don’t fall into the trap of having no general legal counsel, believing you must hire-in full-time, or hiring a rotating cast of specialized (and often expensive) outside firms for general needs which could be addressed much more affordably. Choose Krowne Law’s Fractional GC Services.

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* Krowne Law provides at least basic coverage for all of the listed areas. Complex or sophisticated transactions, and certain specialized sub-areas such as patent law, require specialized counsel.