Initial Coin Offering Legal Advisory

Accessible and On-Point ICO Legal Counsel You Can Afford

Initial Coin Offerings, or “ICOs,” have been some of the biggest news of 2017 and 2018.  As a novel part of the bitcoin/blockchain/cryptocurrency world, they exploded onto the scene starting early in 2017, providing an apparent new way to raise funds for blockchain startup projects.   Billions were raised — eclipsing even VC investment in blockchain.

Yet, things have changed much since those early days: there have been high-profile slip-ups, regulators have become quite interested, if not concerned, laws are changing, market standards are increasing, and practices by participants have evolved and matured.  The risks are high, and the legal and business changes seem almost impossible to keep track of.  As a result, now virtually all players in the ICO sector acknowledge that legal counsel is indispensable to survive and thrive, while still benefiting from the very real new tool that ICOs present.

We are that legal counsel, thanks to our technical and business experience combined with the right sectoral legal background.   And we deliver our services in a uniquely economical, client-centric manner.

ICO Legal Advisory Areas

Providing competent and thorough legal advice in the ICO space is a daunting task that most counselors cannot credibly achieve.  It involves such disciplines and considerations as:

  • securities law (of the U.S. and myriad other global jurisdictions)
  • international law and jurisdictional issues
  • know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-moneylaundering (AML) law
  • understanding blockchain technology
  • media law and internet law
  • privacy and data security law (and tech)
  • startup business law, including:
    • entity formation
    • corporate law and governance
    • intellectual property law
    • contracts
    • employment
    • financing (beyond regulated securities methods) and VC

Don’t “wing it” without counsel who is fluent in all of these areas — or go without counsel at all!  Akin to “release early and often,” getting early and frequent ICO legal guidance (even when simply considering the possibility of an ICO) is critical, and will save you in the long run.

If the above sounds like it makes sense given your direction and/or concerns, please get in touch with us.

We welcome all of your inquiries — if you aren’t sure if ICO legal counsel is right for you, or just want to chat, please contact us to discuss further.