All-Attorney-Filed Trademark… $800, All-in. [OFFER NO LONGER AVAILABLE]

We get it: you want to competently and fully protect your business’s brand, but most lawyers will quote you a number in the thousands of dollars to handle a trademark registration with consultation.  On the other hand, “do-it-yourself” services may charge significantly less, but you aren’t getting real, licensed-attorney, skin-in-the-game legal advice, from start to finish.

We square the circle by offering both: genuine, fully attorney-handled trademark registration—with clearance review and recommendation—and a low price of just $800.

What this package includes:

  • We cover your USPTO mark registration fee ($250-350 value)
  • We do a trademark clearance search
  • We provide a search report and legal recommendation
  • We perform the registration
  • We provide an attorney consultation
  • We perform a full review of your mark/brand file

To buy, please read the terms below and click “BUY NOW” at the bottom if you agree with them.


  1. We perform a trademark clearance search on the USPTO’s database only.   You are responsible for web and other searching, as well as reporting all relevant competitors or related marks or brands known to you (you must submit these in your initial file for our review).
  2. We provide a free pre-registration consultation of 1 hour (which may be split up into voice, email, or text chat).
  3. We perform a review of your file.
  4. We provide a written search report and legal registration recommendation.
  5. Registration is via standard, “TEAS Plus” form only (you are limited to: electronic application, International Categories from the Trademark Identification (ID) Manual only, and other limitations as are applicable and described in full at the USPTO’s page).  For most people, this is fine, but we will inform you if we believe it is not.
  6. We handle corrections due to our own errors and omissions at no extra charge.
  7. Handling any USPTO office actions (e.g. tentative rejections or requests for more proof) is not included.
  8. Once we have begun your file review or substantive discussions, $100 is nonrefundable under any circumstances (pre-review preliminary communications not included).
  9. If you opt not to proceed to registration after receiving our recommendation, $225 is refundable.
  10. You agree that we are not responsible if your mark is rejected, and we do not warrant any particular result, regardless of recommendations or estimates we might provide in our report or at any other time.

And a few general terms (you’re almost done!):

  1. Our availability for this work is subject to our own scheduling constraints, and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone in exchange for a full refund (or partial, per the above terms only).
  2. By clicking below, you are purchasing a legal service package, which gives you the right to one U.S. trademark registration and companion clearance search (and other accompanying services explicitly-listed above). This purchase does not provide or confer any right to any hourly or contingency-fee legal services from us, nor any general right to quantum meruit. The fee (your payment) is considered “earned” by the attorney when the attorney starts work on the job.
  3. By purchasing this package and engaging us for the connected legal services, a contract is formed and an attorney-client relationship is established between you and us which is restricted exclusively and entirely to the single trademark registration task you specify.
  4. This contract is governed by the laws of the state of New York, and you consent and agree that the courts of New York shall have jurisdiction over all disputes arising from this contract. Further, while we may confer telephonically or electronically, you acknowledge and agree that this legal consultation shall formally be deemed to take place at our offices in New York.

(Keep in mind that if you desire or need more than the above deal provides, we can discuss providing more or different services for you, by separate written agreement.)